Established in 2014, Marina4Art.com was created by Marina Romanova-Arnott to share her private collection of modern, unique and provocative pieces with collectors from around the world. Showcasing Romanova-Arnott’s original art, as well as art she has collected over the years, the Marina4Art.com website includes pieces from the leading artists of the past half-century from Dali, Warhol and Hirst to Banksy, Quinn, Murakami and Nara. Marina4Art.com also features photographic art from LaChapelle and Minter, as well as pieces from up-and-coming artists, Aoshima, Bracey, Dzama and Kelley.

Marina4Art.com Mission

Marina Romanova-Arnott established Marina4Art.com to share her passion for modern, unique and provocative art with collectors around the world.

The Collection

Alain Despert | Alton Kelley | Andy Warhold | Banksy | Chen Wenling | Chiho Aoshima | Chris Bracey | Damien Hirst

Daniel + Geo Fuchs | David LaChapelle | Faile | Jean Calogero | Kathy Venter | Kolotilov AA | Marc Quinn| Marcel Dzama

Marie Louise  Germain | Marilyn Minter | Pablo Picasso | Richard Prince | Salvador Dali | Takashi Murakami| Yoshitomo Nara


Marina Romanova-Arnott established Marina4Art.com in 2014, to share her passion for contemporary art with collectors around the world.

Born and raised in Russia, Marina Romanova-Arnott attended the University of Moscow, earning a master’s degree in fine arts in 1992. A remarkable time and place to come of age as an artist, as communism was collapsing and artists were challenging convention, rebellion was suddenly as welcome in the Russian art scene as it was on the Russian streets.

Feeling the need to spread her artistic wings, Romanova-Arnott moved to New York City in 1992 and then to West Hollywood in 1994. Through her transition, Romanova-Arnott’s own artistic style evolved, weaving in abstract impressionism with influences of surrealism.

Over the last decade, Romanova-Arnott’s own work, in oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media has evolved again from abstract impressionism to a direction uniquely her own.

While Romanova-Arnott doesn’t like to explain her paintings, with each piece, she hopes to create something that will not only challenge people’s thought processes, but also lead them on a journey to find meaning in both the piece and their own lives.

As Romanova-Arnott’s own art has evolved, she has also become an accomplished art collector, the catalyst of Marina4Art.com. Her eclectic collection ranges from offbeat lithos to exception pieces from known leaders of the contemporary pop and urban art movements.