PDX Black and White 08


Acrylic, spray paint and silkscreen ink on paper

Signed and stamped 2006 on the reverse. This work is unique. 

Provenance: Acquired from Camp Barbossa, London, by a US collector in 2008, then by Marina4Art in 2011.

Size: 23 13/16 by 17 13/16 in. (60.5 by 45.3 cm)

Faile (American, Canadian, founded 1999)
Consisting of two Patricks, McNeil and Miller, art collective FAILE was formed in 1999. Their influences are diverse and various, including early 20th Century European collagists Mimmo Rotella and Jacques Villegl√© and American Pop icons Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Although their early output was dominated by street art, generally involving wheatpaste or stencil works, they quickly made the transition to gallery shows, retaining their unmistakeable style in the process. In 2008 FAILE joined five other Urban artists in the Tate Modern show Street Art, creating a striking 240 square foot image of a Native American, which was completed in sections before being installed on the exterior walls of London’s premier contemporary space. More recent high profile projects have included 2010’s Temple, a life-size recreation of a ruined church constructed from ceramic, marble, bronze, cast iron, steel, limestone, and mosaic in Lisbon’s Pra√ßa dos Restauradores Square.

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